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Experts in pre-contruction planning

We work as advocates and advisors from project start to ensure your goal – a building that works for you.


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Needs Assessment

Ask the Right Questions

We have the expertise on any type of building project to ask the right questions, work with architects, and make sure you get what you want in your project. How big will it need to be? How much will it cost to operate? What are staffing requirements? How much property is needed? How much will it cost?

Community Support

Get the Community Involved

Positive Community Support is key to any public project. The community needs to feel that they are involved in the decision-making process. We make sure that correct and accurate information is transferred to the public so as to create positive feedback from the community. Without this positive feedback, the project could be doomed to fail.


Find the Funding

We are uniquely rehearsed in all aspects of Project Finance as we have dealt with every type of funding and tax structure available to help answer the number one question – How do we pay for it? We work closely with financial consultants to get the most accurate and up to date funding structures.

“Throughout the project, your firm has been our most valuable consultant and is one of the biggest reasons our facility was constructed on budget.”

– Thomas Chamberlin,  Marshall County Commissioners


Optimize your Plan

We have years of experience in choosing products that enhance your facility that will be both cost-effective and provide long-term value. The design phase can be time consuming and overwhelming. You can trust CCi’s expertise to streamline this process so that you make the right decisions and keep your project on budget and on schedule.

Cost Projections

Stick to the Budget

We use the drawings to allocate costs to each area of construction in order to identify the cost of the project. This happens at the Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Drawing phases in order to make sure the cost of the project is staying within the budget.


Have an Owner Representative

We have a Construction and Project Manager monitor the construction site and all related activities. Our professionals work directly for you. Assisting in communication and status updates with the architect and contractors. The more effort given to construction schedules during design, the better controls are in place during construction.

“CCi was instrumental in planning, construction, and past construction issues following completion.”

– Adams County Commissioners


Occupy with Confidence

We coordinate and monitor all activities for your final occupancy. As we give you the keys and shake your hand in appreciation, you will know that we are as proud of the facility as you are. We also coordinate the first-anniversary inspection with the proper contractors, and even years later we’re available to assist in facility issues.